We work with companies at various stages of the deal cycle. We have been engaged for high-level negotiations in order to ensure the commercial objectives are met. We have also been involved at early stage in brokering, negotiating and structuring deals between both Chinese buyers and foreign sellers and vice versa.

Some of the services include the following:

(a) To work with foreign companies to identify and approach prospective Chinese / Asia buyers and faciliate with arrangements of meetings

(b) To arrange teasers, information memorandum, NDAs, etc. legally and commercially appropriate and arrange translations of the same

(c) To manage the due diligence process and the submission of acquisition proposals from potential buyers

(d) To assist the company in the negotiation of financial aspects and detailed commercial terms of the documentation through to signing of the relevant purchase or sale agreement

(e) To work instruct and work closely with external legal advisers, accountants, tax advisers and other professional parties in relation to the transaction. 

(f) To advise the company in navigating and obtaining all of the necessary regulatory approvals in China and / or any other jurisdiction to ensure the transaction is concluded as expediently as possible.